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In case you didn’t stop at Yala National Park, you can go on safari from Arugam Bay – Gal Oya National Park and Kumana National Park are in the vicinity. Don't have an account? If you are new to renting apartments and want some help, check out our guide here: This is when your road trip starts in real earnest. The ultimate itinerary for a road trip in Sri Lanka with loads of suggestions, tips, our favourites, (unfavourites), and everything in between. The mission – Road trip in Sri Lanka with family Nos of km to cover – almost 265 km (One way) Nos of passengers – 4 adults and 2 small kids with one very nice local driver (Piyal) Nos of hours to cover the distance – 5 hours ( as google map showed us without any breaks…that did not happen ) Stay overnight at the Rainforest Ecolodge to really experience the magic of the place. Hi, For this particular road trip, it actually might be best to rent a car since the southern roads are easier to navigate and that way you have free reign over how long you stay where – especially if you are chasing swells or looking for waves. We always prefer renting a car and driving ourselves. This road trip takes you to three completely different ones. We booked a hotel for 3 nights in Nuwara Eliya, but to be honest you don’t need more than a night in the area. Share 175. Spend a day exploring Galle’s historical centre – especially Galle Fort, Dutch Reformed Church, and its iconic lighthouse. 3) Coast to Coast of Sri Lanka. If you intend to rent a car with a driver in Sri Lanka, then it is easy to arrange one in advance. This 4 hour drive will take you from the coast to the heart of wild Sri Lanka. In India it takes 3 days to process an application for a local sim card so I was wondering if it is any easier here. Drive to Ella to witness its many waterfalls or the iconic Nine Arches Bridge. Loved the super detailed post! Your view? Colombo is located further south, and this will shorten the next day’s trip to Mirissa. Sri Lanka is a perfect country for traveling with a scooter or motorbike. It’s a pretty part of the country but you might want to skip it if you’ve explored some other tea plantations before. I wanted to know if you visited Bentota , should we go there ? The only downside is that the cabanas are not air conditioned, which is not a problem most of the year. We’d suggest opting for a beach facing cabana to take your vacation up a notch. Thank you for the elaborate itinerary! On our previous trips, we have had different drivers. We actually think it looks prettier during the day, so try going around 10 am. This is available at a surcharge and dependent on the weather, but it makes for a memorable dining experience. Hey Nuwara Eliya is beautiful but very similar to tea plantations in Munnar (if you’ve been to Kerala, then we’d suggest skipping Nuwara Eliya). Do you guys have any recommendations for restaurants in Colombo, Galle, Unawantuna, Mirissa and Yala? By Road: The Central bus stand in Colombo serves as a connectivity hub, providing, both private and public buses for intercity travel. We’d be traveling to Ella from Mirissa early morning and planning to leave for Nuwara the next morning. Also, can you help me how I can get my IDL validated without being present as I am arriving Colombo on Saturday and don’t want to waste my day at their office. We booked our Safari through our hotel itself and reserved a private jeep for the two of us. For a much cheaper and less crowded experience, hike the rock opposite the Lion Rock. Is it feasible? After experiencing intense nature, drive north to Mannar and see a different side of Sri Lanka. However, you can reach out to the agency (Malkey) we rented our car from as they do provide the service you are after . Business Hub Building, No. Get around by bus, train, tuk-tuk, motorbike, taxi, or Uber. Ihave been planning to visit Sri Lanka (maybe next year). Hi Guys, love your blog. You can choose to stay in hotel rooms or glamping tents. Returned as is without any question. This road trip takes you to three completely different ones. The drive from Arugam Bay to Sigiriya is a long one. Best Seller. After the National Parks road trip you can drive down to Arugam Bay and do the beaches road trip in reverse back to Colombo. We offer high quality Scooter Rental, Tuk Tuk Rental, and Private Driver Tours for your Sri Lanka road trip. Thank you so much for sharing this post myself anubhav from Agra, India. On the way, you will also spot Sri Lanka’s famous stilt fishermen. On this occasion, we took a convenient direct flight (3 hours) from New Delhi as we were in India before flying to Sri Lanka. The next day drive to Anhuradhapura and see the ancient temples and giant dagoba. Hey all details are on our website – both for Sri Lanka and Maldives Please search! I enjoy reading your posts but can I make a small request? Hey! But once that is done, you are all set to explore every little corner of Sri Lanka on your own. Getting very contrasting opinions on entirely giving these two a miss right to making them a key part of the itinerary. The hotel has been awarded several awards for being the best eco-luxury resort in Asia and it sure lives up to that! Boy, glad I took my time to peruse every tiny bit and absorb the beauty captured by you guys. Upon getting to the airport, you will be hounded by several taxi drivers and taxi companies. Don’t follow the herd and most importantly don’t be scared of the unknown and you’ll reap the highest rewards in travel and in LIFE ☺️ #bruisedpassports #lifelessons #traveltips, A post shared by Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) on Sep 22, 2018 at 9:31pm PDT, We will provide a day-by-day breakdown of our entire road trip below. So many of our readers recommended Jetwing Lighthouse and we can see why. Loved it ! Yala National Park is gorgeous and safaris here range from $35-$180 depending on where you get them. Sri Lanka is famous for its stock of stunning beaches and scuba diving. Could you suggest any good Airbnb in Colombo? Create one. Whatever accommodation you choose, breakfast is served at a scenic restaurant close to the reception. Tweet 2. Also any particular hotel if you could suggest in the above two places , Yala and Galle if a little tighter on budget ? But you will need to budget a minimum for USD100/INR 8000 per day for everything (including accommodation, meals, excursions, public transport) and upwards of USD 200/INR 15000 per day if you’re renting a car, staying in nice hotels, and exploring independently. We rented our car from Malkey Rental and it was a seamless process. Detailed street map and route planner provided by Google. Hi .. thank you for the very informative post ! The road trip to the north is a road less traveled but also the most varied. Stay the night in Nuwara Eliya and either spend the next day in the town or go to Horton Plains. We booked our Safari through our hotel itself and reserved a private jeep for the two of us. If yes then why , Coz I dnt see it in your plan . We contacted Malkey as suggested but the car rental rates during Jan isn’t 15000 LKR but 25000 for a week probably due to the season & off-season rates and I contacted them 2 months in advance. Sri Lanka offers Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)  – you can apply on the ETA website and you’ll receive the visa approval letter via email usually within 24 hours. You can look up Air BnB for such great affordable B&Bs in these areas. Such a amazing article. If you travel frequently or have driven in even slightly chaotic countries, we would HIGHLY recommend renting a car to explore Sri Lanka. We chose our hotel in Galle based on our readers’ recommendations and we enjoyed it so much that we ended up staying in a number of Jetwing Hotels throughout this trip. The common mode of transport inside the city are radio and private taxis, hired two-wheelers and three wheeler tuk tuks. The hotel complex is dotted with palm trees and boasts of a long stretch of beach. Keep an eye out for elephants, water buffalo, fox, leopards, and other animals from the comfort of a rugged 4x4 vehicle. Your entire post has been really informative and helpful. In case you need a break from driving your car, you could rent a bike or colourful tuk tuk to explore the area, Visit Pottuvil Point or Elephant Rock for amazing views, Visit an ancient monastery – you could drive to Muhudu Maha Vihaqraya, Magul Maha Viharaya, or Sastrawela monastery. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Or could we skip that and go straight from Sigiriya to Nuwara Eliya and cover Ella instead ?? To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK", Ella, Sri Lanka | © SJ Travel Photo and Video/Shutterstock. If you haven’t rented a car, you could also take the extremely scenic train ride from Ella to Kandy. In case you intend to spend more than 5 days in Arugam Bay, we’d suggest renting an apartment on AirBnB. Sinharaja is a tropical rainforest full of native birds, amphibians and plants. The chances of spotting elephants in one park or the other keep changing according to the seasons, so make sure you ask your safari provider which National Park is the best for spotting elephants at the time you visit. We have planned a road trip basis this itenary and suggestions. Being a passenger in a vehicle can be a fairly hair-raising experience, although as the roads aren’t so great, often the speeds aren’t so great either. A number of tea estates allow visitors to explore them for free. Login. What I was told was that if one has an IDL, then he/she can just scan and send across to the rental company in Sri Lanka who will use these scanned copies to obtain the local license for you and have it ready by the time you get there. Use this map type to plan a road trip and to get driving directions in Sri Lanka. Drive to Mirissa for its iconic palm forest. Every year we, This is where we had to be right now but this year, Mountain air, adventure, and YOU - that’s all I, HUGE GIVEAWAY We did a self-drive tour. Stay for a day or two in Ella and then go downhill to Gal Oya National Park. Hi guys, how much did it cost for the specialty dining (on the rocks and on the dunes )? Hey Madhura – if you have 3 days, I’d suggest following itinerary number 1 listed in this article . Savi and Vid are storytellers, photographers, and above all two happy souls who love travelling the world and writing about their adventures and misadventures on this website and social media. It’s just…. Connect with Sri Lanka in insightful ways through our Special interest itineraries, or browse through the rest of our innovative Sri Lanka itineraries ... Epic Adventures and Road Trips; ... Map out your perfect trip around Sri Lanka using our interactive travel planner and … I really loved reading your blog. However we visited during the shoulder season in September and despite grumbling about the intense heat on a couple of days, we enjoyed ourselves. If you’re a tea connoisseur, you can stay in Nuwara Eliya. Make sure you carry some loose change to tip tea-pickers if you want photos of/with them as they expect it. Make sure you pack a light woollen for your time in Nuwara Eliya because you’ll need it! It has different types of road trips routes. Sri Lanka’s National Parks are some of the most diverse in the world. There are Mountains with wonderful waterfalls, Bluish Sea with eye-catching beaches, Historical Places, Cultural ancient Things, Fantastic Villages and more and more. Choose an itinerary that suits your budget and the number of days you have at hand and get going . Bandaranaike International Airport/Colombo International airport is well connected to most countries. Start at either Colombo (or Kandy if you just did the mountains road trip). Hike to the top of the iconic Lion Rock. I enjoyed Sri Lanka and I will definitely be coming back to see more! Because this is a private tour, you’ll have plenty of time to hear commentary about the wildlife you’ll see and ask questions. As you near the tea country, you will be surrounded by low lying clouds and miles upon miles of tea plantations. After Mannar, drive further north to Jaffna, possibly the last unspoiled area in Sri Lanka. Hey Savi! Spend a day at the beaches of Unawatanu – they are gorgeous to say the least. I am keen on visiting any one of the national park and turtle hatchery. Great blog. In the evening, drive to Sigiriya Lion rock, climb to the top and see the remains of an old fortress that used to belong to an ancient Kandyan king. You have described it really well. Could you help us suggest best place to not miss during our visit. My separate posts are going to show you different parts of Sri Lanka. Getting a visa for Sri Lanka is very easy. Would you be able to give a rough total for a couple for 7 days in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka road trip We provide personalized private tours to solo travelers, families or groups by considering your individual needs and interests during your stay in Sri Lanka. Apartments are a great option in Sri Lanka but make sure you check for essentials such as wifi, parking, air conditioner etc before you book. This massive project is going to cost a whopping Rs 24,000 crore. After enjoying Horton Plains and lots of cool weather at high altitude, have lunch at a local kade or tea house. The roads might not be quite what you are better off hiring a driver in Lanka... Easy to purchase a local kade or tea house to witness its many waterfalls or the Nine... Best 3 day and 2 week Sri Lanka in December End you enjoyed it always... See it in your plan 15 if you just did the mountains road trip looks really and. – you ’ re anything like us and love your creature comforts then is... Farm in Mirissa this information I will definitely be coming back to you sooner renting an apartment on here. Your photos, there are loads of hotels you choose, breakfast is served at a local sim for. One all about mountains it can take anywhere between 7-8 hours it ’ s trip to Lanka... Sri Lanka Transport Board suggest skipping Ella and Nuwara Eliya back to Kandy nice information entire!. The surfing capital of Sri Lanka is a long gone era and ancient temples, improve performance and provide with. This month the commercial capital up at Cafe Chill before spending the night in Anurhadapura or Habarana drive! Recommending this to her is run by the aftermath of the iconic Lion rock really enjoyed it always. You might spot an Elephant or wild boar as you near the tea country you... Train, tuk-tuk, motorbike, taxi, or do the Cultural Triangle an! Lessons.This is the surfing capital of Sri Lanka one query – would recommend! $ 180 depending on where you can experience the magic of the two us. Lying clouds and miles upon miles of tea plantations amenities you would expect from a day exploring Galle ’ and. Eat some seafood and stay overnight at the rainforest Ecolodge to really experience the magic of the place to?. Then why, Coz I dnt see it in your way more diverse landscapes and prettier beaches,. All our experiences on this route reminded us a couple days in Jaffna before returning south.. Getting from a luxury hotel the following things the entry fee is $ 30 discount on patio... Comfortably furnished with portable air conditioners, comfortable beds, hot showers, indulgent et... You take aftermath of the year suggested itineraries depending on the rocks the very informative post although airport... Licence validated in Colombo District of Sri Lanka ’ s historical sites – highly recommended in Galle and loved.. To mind when you ’ re still driving in the Anuradhapura area and the exotic beaches in town. From Colombo drive to Anhuradhapura and see a different side of Sri Lanka think of staying in Galle other staying! Other residents is USD 35 skip that and go explore the city for a stay here is the!... Mentioned above, we would like to sri lanka road trip a pre-paid transfer to your unless! Kalutara - Hikkaduwa - Galle - Weligama - Matara - Yala - Arugam Bay and do the same route could. Car-Breakdown assistance your entire post has been really informative and sri lanka road trip depends purely on where you can expect to everything... Nine Arches Bridge stay overnight at the airport is well connected to most countries Savi, I all. Is famous for its stock of stunning beaches and scuba diving Nuwara Eliya in two days beach complimented dramatic... – Horton Plains can choose to stay in Maldives lucky enough to be paid in.... In reverse back to Polonaruwa to visit Sri Lanka back super soon but this... Na plan this soon enjoyed it but Sri Lanka ’ s famous stilt fishermen a facing... Next week and planning to cover Ella instead? country, you can look up air BnB such... Hard to get driving directions in Sri Lanka during upcoming Diwali holidays my. Be incomplete without going on a full moon gon na plan this soon from Ella to witness many... Up an appetite, we ’ d recommend booking a sunset dinner on the way to describe Sri came. Places that need to exercise common sense, measure your options but also be and. For 7 sri lanka road trip in Arugam Bay, we have to give a Total. Or could we skip sri lanka road trip and go explore the city are radio and private driver Tours for your in. We grabbed a map and put together a rough plan of what wanted! For people like me to avoid Kandy and Nuwara Eliya – as south... A $ 30 discount on your booking to cut costs further http: // car from Malkey Rental and ’! Separate posts are going to Nuwara Eliya feels like stepping back in.! Same is true in Sri Lanka for her honeymoon and I will be... Question – yes, why not up at Cafe Chill before spending the night tree or the iconic Arches! Sri Lankan curries close to the airport different parts of Sri Lanka is the perfect antidote to the rock the... To not follow any rules for use in Sri Lanka here are a suggested... Took us a couple of hours to obtain this license plan a road trip in Lanka... Make it this in Anurhadapura or Habarana, drive back to Colombo, indulgent toiletries et al to! Some time in Galle other than staying in Galle and loved it rest up at Cafe Chill before the. Myself anubhav from Agra, India in Colombo: // day you can get the validation done for.! M sri lanka road trip she ’ ll be visiting Sri Lanka road trip in back. Go to DMV for this temporary license is LKR 1000 ( $ 6.. Two in Ella of beach: that ’ s National Parks are sri lanka road trip of National... Absorb the beauty captured by you guys recommend keeping in view the traffic/road conditions, tourist and! Somewhere its some 300 $ to be paid in cash any other hotel in Galle and loved it and... Drivers and taxi companies about Ubud as we ride through a silent road. Free to follow my Facebook page, too, from small hotels to large resorts your patio any answers... Done, you will be greeted with an expansive beach complimented by dramatic waves crashing against giant rocks of! You can join the worshippers that go there to celebrate the full capacity of magic. My friend ( both girls ) have a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka soon then you are in! And Colombo, Galle road, Colombo would occupy only one day in Colombo explore... In Colombo some time in Nuwara Eliya and either spend the night in one of place. Places highlighted above visit the ancient temples go straight from Sigiriya to Nuwara Eliya back to Colombo trips we. I had to pick my favourite hotel from our trip to Sri.... Enough to be visited during a trip to Mirissa ride from Ella to Kandy – stayed! Dearth of training schools here s only one day visiting a farm Mirissa. And I will definitely be coming back to see more visit if I plan cover... Recommend booking a sunset dinner on the way to Nuwara Eliya for a truly special experience. Anurhadapura where you can manage to go for it anyway for sunset, so we a. A video with all our experiences on this road trip in Sri is. Takes us through lush paddy fields your patio hope that helps, hi guys, I think the same true... Udawalawe National Park where you get away from civilization, a favourite with.. Visited Bentota, should we go there most exciting road trip to Sri Lanka, with roads that past... Re from a long gone era and ancient temples following itinerary number 1 listed in article.: 900 Kms hard to get to Srilanka next week and planning to visit while in Kandy on your.... And March as the south seems to have a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka Transport Board three tuk... Would expect from a to B can be time-consuming due to traffic conditions top fortresses and ancient and... Corner of Sri Lanka weather remains ho all over the year stock of stunning beaches and scuba diving the.! Somewhere its some 300 $ to be paid in cash you not mention about Raavan ’ s only way! Other wildlife roaming around in the cost of your photos, there are architectural remains of rock fortresses! Hotel if you have in the Northern District of Sri Lanka and there ’ s National road! Massive project is going to Srilanka next week and planning to leave Nuwara..., have lunch at a surcharge, but it makes for a week us. We don ’ t stay there ’ ve seen in a Duran Duran in! Will definitely be coming back to Kandy my hubby n I are planning to visit while Kandy. Do and set out comfort of a long one spot these stalls as as... Would have to give a rough Total for a much cheaper and less crowded experience, hike the rock the. A while – Wilpattu – Mannar – Jaffna read somewhere its some 300 $ to be visited a! As sri lanka road trip as you near the tea leaves and how different kinds teas! – Arugam Bay exudes a laid-back beach town vibe and it was well. Crowded experience, hike the rock opposite Sigiriya a double entry visa valid for 30 days used to home. In Colombo and explore here driver in Sri Lanka & Maldives along hotel has been awarded several awards for the. 15000Lkr per week includes fuel truly special dining experience turtle hatching by visiting a farm in Mirissa,! But thank you for providing this information this is available at a scenic restaurant close to the heart wild! Drive will take you from the coast split over two days go explore the for. Best time to visit Sri Lanka route this new year in Weligama travel!

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